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Mat Carry Strap


Lightweight and durably woven from a strong cotton blend, the adidas Mat Carry Strap is fit for any size yoga, pilates or training mat. Designed to fasten and loosen easily via the two sliding adjusters, the strap's looped design is perfect for use on the go - simply loop the strap over your mat, pick it up and you're ready to go.


Hardwearing yet comfortable, the durable and stylish carry strap is the perfect size to sling over your shoulder and go about your day.

  • Durably woven polyester/cotton material composition

  • Fully adjustable by simply looping over the mat and sliding the adjusters

  • Hardwearing yet comfortable when worn over the shoulder

  • Ideal for any size yoga, pilates of training mat

  • Simple looped design for easy attachment and quick release

  • Packed in 100% recyclable packaging

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