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6 colour options
Quartz, Pink Strata & Shadow Red Swatch
White, Grey & Black Swatch
Grey, Coral Fusion &  Shadow Navy Swatch
Linen Green, Silver Green & Olive Swatch
Silver Dawn, Violet & Legend Ink Swatch
Taupe, Clay Strata & Earth Strata Swatch

Designed to keep your hair under control, adidas Hairbands allow you to focus for more effective training sessions. Made from durable lycra material with a transparent silicone inlay, the Hairbands stay put throughout the most energetic workouts.


Washable at 30 degrees, the Hairbands are easy to clean and quick to drip dry. Complete as a pack of three matching bands, you can switch up your style for more outfit variety.

  • Ideal for use during all types of training and sports

  • Complete as a matching pack of 3 bands

  • Made from durable lycra material for a snug fit

  • Transparent silicone inlay ensures the Hairbands stay put

  • Washable at 30 degrees and quick to drip dry

  • One size fits all design

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