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Cork Yoga Block


A sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to a traditional foam block, adidas Cork Yoga Blocks support both your poses and the environment.


Designed to provide a solid yet comfortable base, the Cork Yoga Block helps you achieve a wider range of positions. Made from high-density natural cork, the block delivers complete strength and dependability, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your practice.


Featuring moisture-resistant qualities, the Yoga Block is designed for more hygienic practice, helping to minimise sweat absorption and maintain freshness. The Yoga Block also features a bevelled edge design and subtle texture for a secure grip and a more natural feel.

  • Constructed from natural and sustainable high-density cork

  • Moisture-resistant surface ensures the block remains dry and odour-free

  • Bevelled edges and a naturally high-grip texture provide greater stability and comfort

  • Ideal for improving balance, strength, and posture during yoga practice

  • Yoga Block dimensions - 22.8 (L) x 15.2 (W) x 7.6 (H) cm / 8.98 (L) x 5.98 (W) x 2.99 (H) in.

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