Delivering a softer density feel with a durable but cushioned texture, the adidas 7 mm Yoga Mat delivers the perfect balance between stability and comfort for more effective yet supported poses. Made from NBR material, the 7 mm mats are designed to be eco-friendly without compromising on performance, allowing you to support both your poses and the environment.


Featuring a smooth surface texture for greater stability, the mat's ribbed base compliments the surface by enhancing both traction and stability, combining to offer a well-rounded platform for you to work towards more rooted yoga practice.


Designed for indoor use, barefoot or with yoga socks, the adidas 7 mm Yoga Mats are perfectly sized for all types of user, measuring in at 173 cm long by 61 cm wide.


  • Colours: Wild Pine / Pulse Yellow / Wild Pink

  • 173 x 61 x 0.7 cm

  • 7 mm thick NBR Yoga Mat combines stability with comfort

  • NBR material offer a softer density with a durable and cushioned texture

  • Eco-friendly materials support your poses and the environment

  • Smooth surface texture promotes stability whilst the ribbed base enhances traction

  • Easy to roll away for storage or transport

  • Ideal for use indoors with barefoot or yoga socks