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Yoga Socks


Boosting both traction and hygiene, the adidas Yoga Socks optimise your performance by producing more rooted ground contact. Designed with a dotted rubber gripped base and elasticated strap, the socks stay put throughout your session for focussed yoga practice.


Made from 100% woven cotton, the socks are both soft and breathable, providing maximum comfort whilst allowing airflow through the knitted construction. The yoga socks can also be easily handwashed after your practice and are quick to air dry.

  • Designed to boost your grip for stronger yoga poses

  • Easy to handwash after practice and quick to air dry

  • Full heal sock silhouette further helps keep the socks in place

  • Ideal for more hygienic workouts both in class and at home

  • Made from 100% woven cotton with an elasticated polyester strap

  • Rubber grip dots on the sole of the sock maximise ground contact and traction

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