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Built for top-level skipping performance, the adidas Weighted Skipping Rope is specifically designed to deliver ultra-smooth rotations. Fitted with an integrated swivel ball bearing mechanism at the shoulder of each handle, the Rope swings true to the motion you put through it.


Made from hardwearing moulded plastic with a smooth progressive taper, the Rope's matt finished handles fit naturally in your palms for complete control as you train. Offering the ability to ramp up your session with two 100g weighted cylinders, the Rope can push your fitness level regardless of your ability.


Complete with two interchangeable rope options, the Weighted Rope features both a 2.5 and 4.5 mm braided steel wire, allowing you to bring even more intensity by challenging your core strength and total endurance.


300 cm in length and easily adjustable, the Rope is fit for all heights with simple adjustment via the built-in screw. The Weighted Rope also comes complete with a drawstring carry bag made from recycled polyester to keep your entire set together.


  • Fit for building endurance, timing and coordination

  • Moulded plastic handles feature a smooth tapered design for a stronger and more comfortable grip

  • Complete with interchangeable 2.5 mm and 4.5 mm rope options

  • The rubber-coated braided steel ropes deliver optimal rotation speed and path control

  • The Rope's 100g removable inserts can be added or removed to ramp up the intensity of your session

  • Integrated swivel ball bearing mechanism allows the ultimate smooth rotation

  • 300 cm in length, the Rope is easily adjustable to match your height via the simple screw

  • Rubber rope end caps create a sleek finish

  • Complete with a recycled carry bag for easy storage and transport

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