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Designed with an ergonomic bottleneck inspired structure, the adidas Skipping Rope is ideal for developing your cardio endurance whilst working on your foot speed and total coordination.


Made from a durably moulded plastic, the subtly textured handles encase a smooth tangle-free ball bearing mechanism, providing slick rotations for elite skipping workouts. Fitted with a thinner rubber-coated braided steel wire rope, the Skipping Rope offers the optimal rotational speed and path control for more advanced users to integrate within their boxing or general training regime.


At 300 cm long, the rope features an easy adjustment system that doesn't require cutting, simply chose a length that is ideal for your height and comfortable to skip with.


  • Fit for building endurance, timing and coordination

  • Moulded plastic handles feature a smooth bottleneck design for a stronger and more comfortable grip

  • The thinner rubber-coated braided steel wire delivers optimal rotation speed and rope path control

  • Integrated tangle-free ball bearing mechanism allows the ultimate smooth rotation

  • 300 cm in length, the Rope is easily adjustable to match your height without the need for cutting

  • Complete with a drawstring mesh carry bag for easy storage and transport

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