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The adidas HIIT Deck combines an aerobic fitness step and weight bench into a single compact, unique, configurable workout platform. With more than 20 setup configurations built into its patented design, the HIIT Deck takes your strength and cardio workouts to the next level. Meet your definitive High-Intensity Interval Training partner.

Enhance your workouts even further by incorporating any number of training accessories with the HIIT Deck. To help get you started, a resistance tube and skipping rope are included within the internal storage compartment. This is where you’ll also find the Scan to Train QR code, which gives you access to exclusive online workout content.

Once you start moving on the HIIT Deck, you’ll quickly realise just how creative you can get with your workouts. Quickly switch between incline, decline and flat bench settings and easily make height adjustments to boost the effectiveness of your exercises. The high-grip workout surface provides both the traction you need to step, jump, press and lunge, as well as the comfort and stability required for bench pressing and other weighted exercises.

With no assembly required, the adidas HIIT Deck is ready to go straight out of the box. Complete with slip-resistant feet, for greater stability and impact absorption, the HIIT Deck's ultra-durable design delivers a maximum user weight of 150 kg / 330lb. Tough, compact and easy to move around, the adidas HIIT Deck brings a new meaning to high-intensity training.

  • Unique, configurable workout platform ideal for High-Intensity Interval Training

  • adidas Resistance Tube and Skipping Rope included as part of the kit

  • Scan to Train feature – scan the QR code with your device to access online exercise content

  • Multiple setup configurations including incline, decline and flat bench settings

  • Quick and easy height adjustment: 20 cm and 35 cm / 7.8” and 13.7”

  • High-grip workout surface provides comfort and traction for strength and cardio exercises

  • Integrated resistance tube attachment points along the backrest and base

  • Internal storage compartment ideal for small fitness accessories

  • Slip-resistant feet help to absorb impact and ensure a stable workout platform

  • Ultra-durable design with a maximum user weight of 150 kg / 330 lb

  • Compact and lightweight, weighing only 12.4 kg / 27.3 lb, making it easy to move and store

  • No assembly required – ready to go straight out of the box

  • Setup dimensions: (L) 121.5 x (W) 33.7 x (H) 35 cm / (L) 47.8” x (W) 13.2” x (H) 13.7”

  • Packed in 100% recyclable packaging

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