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Essential Skipping Rope


Built for developing complete cardio endurance through a host of training styles, the adidas Essential Skipping Rope provides an outlet to build speed, timing and coordination.

Designed with a slightly tapered form finishing with an integrated thumb rest at the shoulder of the handle, the hardwearing plastic structure delivers complete durability throughout your workouts.

Lightweight and adjustable, the thick rubberised rope is 280 cm in length, allowing you to easily adjust via the stopper and cut down to match your height; ensuring more effective rotations and a better overall cadence as you train.

  • Complete with an integrated thumb platform for greater control of the handles

  • Easily adjusted and cut to size, the 280 cm Essential Skipping Rope is ideal for all user heights

  • Fit for building endurance, timing and coordination

  • Made from rubberised PP material, the thick rope delivers greater speed and accuracy

  • Moulded plastic handle design fits ergonomically to your hands with a gradual taper towards the neck

  • Packed in 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging

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