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5mm Camo Yoga Mat

3 colour options

Made entirely from a blend of TPE and EVA foam, the 5 mm Camo Yoga Mats combine stability and comfort for a high-quality Yoga foundation. A tailored balance of the two materials produces a firmer density with a more durable and slightly gummy texture, merging to create a more premium and responsive Mat.


Featuring a ridged textured surface to maximise your grip, the Yoga Mat’s ribbed base compliments its surface by enhancing both your traction and stability, combining to offer a well-rounded platform for you to enjoy each Yoga or Pilates session.


Designed for indoor use, barefoot or with yoga socks, the adidas 5 mm Camo Yoga Mats are perfectly sized for all types of users, measuring 176 cm in length by 61 cm in width. Complete with a stylish woven carry rope included, the Camo Yoga Mat rolls away post-workout for easy transport or storage.

  • 5 mm thick TPE/EVA Yoga Mat combines stability with comfort

  • TPE/EVA material offers a firmer density with a durable and slightly gummy texture

  • Zero PVC - Non-toxic materials bring peace of mind to your classes

  • Ridged surface texture maximises your grip whilst the ribbed base enhances traction

  • Complete with a stylish woven carry rope for transport and storage

  • Ideal for use barefoot and with yoga socks

  • Unrolled mat dimensions - 176 (L) x 61 (W) cm

  • Packed in 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging

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