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Yoga Strap


Helping to achieve better postural alignment whilst improving your range of motion and overall flexibility, the adidas yoga strap allows you to make smooth incremental adjustments whilst you support each pose. Fitted with a robust chrome metal D-ring fastening, the strap is 253 cm long and easy to adjust as you work towards perfect alignment.


Durably made from a tightly bound cotton blend, the yoga strap offers greater grip through its woven texture. The strap is also ideal for use in both traditional and hot yoga classes whilst offering complete comfort to both your hands and feet.

  • 253 cm in length, the yoga strap is ideal for all shapes and sizes

  • Anti-slip texture helps you find greater grip

  • Durable and tightly woven polyester/cotton material blend

  • Expand your range to achieve more challenging yoga positions

  • Helps to achieve better postural alignment whilst supporting your poses

  • Ideal for improving your general range of motion and flexibility

  • Robust chrome metal D-ring fastenings allow for easy length adjustment

  • Packed in 100% recyclable packaging

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