Designed to develop upper body power and speed, the 0.5 Kg adidas Weighted Gloves make the easiest of movements that bit harder, taxing muscular endurance whilst toning and strengthening.


Potentially the biggest benefit of the Weighted Gloves is boosting hand speed. Ideal for the likes of shadow boxing and skipping, the gloves allow you to strengthen the major and minor muscles in the arms, shoulders and back, developing greater power and speed once the gloves are removed.


Made from a comfortable and durable neoprene material, the Weighted Gloves feature iron sand filling that moulds to the back of the hand for maximum comfort and reduced movement. The strategic placement of the weight only covers the back of the hand, so the palm is free to grip equipment as normal, whilst the elasticated wraparound Velcro strap provides a strong and secure fit.


  • Pair of gloves strategically place 0.5 kg on the back of each hand

  • Designed to develop upper body power and speed by enhancing muscular endurance and strength

  • Open palms for a natural feel and free to grip equipment

  • Iron sand filling moulds to the back of the hand for added comfort

  • Made from comfortable and durable neoprene material

  • Elasticated wraparound Velcro strap for a secure fit