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Reversible Headband

6 colour options
Black Swatch
Pink Strata Swatch
Violet Swatch
Linen Green Swatch
Taupe Swatch
Shadow Red Swatch

With a double-sided design allowing you to switch up your style, the adidas Reversible Headband keeps your hair in place whilst you train, preventing irritation for more focussed workouts or better competition performance.


Made from a durable elasticated material blend, the Headband offers a snug fit with a wider profile of 10 cm for greater coverage and security. A one-size design, the Headband is easy to clean and quick to dry, ensuring you are ready for the next session.

  • Ideal for use during all types of training and sports

  • Reversible design allows you to switch up your style

  • A wider band profile provides greater coverage

  • Made from an elasticated material blend for a snug fit

  • Washable at 30 degrees and quick to drip dry

  • One size fits all design

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