Fashioned from 10 mm bound natural leather, the adidas Weightlifting Belt’s uncompromising quality leaves no room for subpar performance. Accented with a suede lining and subtle end taper, the belt’s tri-riveted buckle locks in place for maximum abdominal pressure and lumbar support; fortifying your power to help find your elite.


Designed for a generation of performance, the belt’s superior quality is sealed with a lifetime warranty and heat-stamped badge of sport.


  • 10 mm Natural Leather: The belt’s bound leather construction delivers uncompromising quality and performance. Bolstering your most demanding lifts; the grained natural leather offers complete abdominal pressure and lumbar support.


    Suede Lining: Adding durability and grip, the belt’s split leather interior helps prevent slippage whilst its softer nap minimises irritation.


    Tri-Riveted Buckle: Secured with nine brass rivets, the single-pronged iron buckle creates a locked-in feel for consistent pressure and leverage.


    Subtle End Taper: Providing easier application, the subtly tapered design prevents catching as you lever yourself into position; helping to secure and release the belt whilst it ‘breaks-in’.


    Double Stitching: Durably constructed, the Leather Belt’s double-stitched finish leaves nothing to chance; withstanding maximum pressure through your defining sets.


    Lifetime Warranty: Complete with a lifetime warranty, the Leather Weightlifting Belt assures a generation of performance with our guarantee against any manufacturing defect.





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