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Premium Push Up Bars


Allowing you to deepen your push-ups by 14 cm, the adidas Premium Push Up Bars enhance each rep by creating a deficit that traditional ground movements do not. Placing more emphasis on the chest, shoulder, and arm muscle groups, the Premium Bars create far more effective and challenging reps.


Durably made with an iron construction, the Premium Bars offer a maximum load of 130kg, making them ideal for a range of other movements including dips, handstand push-ups, mountain climbers and many ab-focused exercises.

Fitted with durable foam padded handles, the Bars create a neutral grip position to ease wrist discomfort. The Push Up Bars also feature thick rubber feet on each corner, maximising traction to create a solid and secure training platform.

  • 130 kg max. user weight helps broaden your training options

  • 14 cm height adds greater depth to your push-ups

  • Foam handles provide greater comfort and a better grip

  • Increased vertical range places more emphasis on the chest, arm, and shoulders

  • Neutral handle positioning eases wrist discomfort

  • Packed in 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging

  • Thick rubber feet provide maximum floor traction

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