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Performance Ab Wheel


Bringing a new dimension to your core workouts, the adidas Performance Ab Wheel develops total abdominal strength and stability with a simple and effective movement. Targeting the abdominal muscles, obliques, and lower back as you perform the rollout, the Ab Wheel also works the upper back and shoulders as you contract through to your starting position.


The Performance Ab Wheel’s dual wheel design features both a beginner and advanced mode, ensuring the Wheel continues to provide a test as your core strength progresses. The wheels can be set apart to deliver more stability in beginner mode, whilst providing a tougher challenge when placed together in the advanced setting.


Ensuring greater safety on any training surface, the Ab Wheel’s rubber tyre grip provides maximum traction whilst TPR handles create a more secure and comfortable feel throughout each rep.


Designed with only a handful of parts, the Ab Wheel is both quick to build and dismantle, packing away small post-workout for tidy storage and easy transport. Durably made, the solid and dependable Ab Wheel withstands constant usage for countless effective repetitions.

  • Target the entire core, back and shoulders to achieve greater strength and stability

  • Dual wheels with a rubber surface grip provide traction whilst spinning freely for smoother reps

  • Beginner and advanced wheel modes allow you to progress your core workouts

  • Ergonomic handles feature a TPR cover for enhanced comfort and grip

  • Lightweight, compact, and quick to assemble for easy storage and travel

  • Durable design capable of supporting all users

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