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Bike & Cross Trainer Mat


Laying a protective foundation for your cardio machine, the adidas Bike & Cross Trainer Mat is designed to prevent damage on all flooring types by creating a barrier between the ground and heavy cardio equipment.


Helping to dampen the noise and vibrations that are created during high-intensity workouts, the 5 mm Mat minimises training noise for a more considered home training session. Quick and easy to use, simply unroll the Mat, place your machine on top, and you are good to start training.


Constructed using hardwearing NBR material, the subtly textured surface and ribbed underside provide maximum grip for a safer and more secure base. The Mat delivers protection to your floors without sacrificing stability, allowing you to create a more balanced foundation on both soft and hard surfaces.

  • Designed to prevent damage and protect flooring from heavy cardio machines

  • Helps to dampen training noise and vibrations on all flooring types

  • 5 mm thickness - provides protection without compromising stability

  • Made from a durable and high-density NBR material

  • Dimensions 155 (L) x 65 (W) cm - Ideal for most bike and cross trainers

  • Easily rollable for storage post-workout

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