Delivering total stability and solid ground contact, the 4 mm adidas Natural Rubber Yoga Mat offers a firm density with a weighty premium feel for an unshakeable yoga foundation. Made for advanced yoga practice, the natural rubber yogi mat features laser-cut detailing at key positioning reference points across the mat's surface, allowing you to navigate your way through poses whilst ensuring precise alignment and smoother transitions.


With a detailed design and high-end finish, the natural rubber mat is also made entirely from eco-friendly materials, supporting the environment by using sustainable materials whilst it supports your poses.


Featuring a smooth surface texture for a perfectly flat foundation, the natural rubber mat has a high-grip base designed for advanced yoga practice and maximum stability and traction. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, the natural rubber mat is 183 cm long, 61 cm wide and rolls away tightly for easy transport and storage.


  • 183 x 61 x 0.4 cm

  • 4 mm thick for total stability and solid ground contact

  • Premium laser-cut design with detailed reference points for stronger yoga poses

  • Natural rubber offers a firm density with a weighty premium feel and high grip

  • Eco-friendly material supports your poses and the environment

  • Smooth surface texture offers a perfectly flat foundation for advanced practice

  • Ideal for use outdoors and indoors, barefoot or yoga socks

  • Easy to roll away for storage or transport